IcareLabs House Brand Progressive Lenses

    IcareLabs House Brand Progressive Lens Resources

    Along with brand name lenses, IcareLabs offers two house brand digital progressive lenses in a 3-tier format (good, better, and best) giving you the capability of fitting any patient's needs. Our Heritage progressive lenses launched in 2018 as part of our 50th anniversary celebration offering three different variations. Our Legacy progressive lenses also have three different variations. Below you'll find all available ECP resources for IcareLabs Heritage and Legacy lenses such as sales aid sheets and layout charts. Click the link below to view or download directly to your computer.

    IcareLabs House Brand PAL ECP Resources:

    IcareLabs House Brand Anti-Reflective Coatings

    IcareLabs House Brand No-Glare Coatings

    IcareLabs has full in-house anti-reflective coating capabilities featuring several options to choose from. Our IceAR is backed by a 2-year, 2 time warranty which gives your patients peace of mind when purchasing their next pair of eyeglasses.

    IcareLabs Anti-Reflective Coatings Resources:

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    About IcareLabs

    IcareLabs was founded in 1968 by John W. Payne with his vision of being able to offer the widest selection of lenses possible while also offering the best possible prices. He understood that every employee is important and by treating everyone as family it directly translated to the best quality work we can produce. His wife and children have always been an active part of IcareLabs since day one and with his passing in early 2000, his sons Scott and Skip Payne took the reigns of the company while always striving to keep their father's ideals at the forefront of their minds. With their wives and children being an active part of the family business it has lead to the company being family operated for three generations and counting! Having won multiple industry awards over the years, we never settle for "good enough". We're always striving to improve ourselves and reach higher goals. Learn more about us below.

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    James Stephany, IcareLabs Director of Sales and Marketing

    James Stephany IcareLabs Director of Sales and Marketing

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    Nick Kidd IcareLabs Sales and Marketing Coordinator


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