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Don't forget to take a look at our follow up e-book that gives you lessons on Facebook. If you've ever considered using Facebook, or if you need some help with your existing page, you'll want this guide.

You'll get:

  • Facebook Basics
  • Using Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Tips & Tricks

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Marketing Boot Camp 2: Intro to Facebook.

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"Marketing without data is like shooting with your eyes closed."

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So, you went to school to become an eye doctor or optician, not a marketeer!

What is marketing? What do I do next? Do I need social media? If you've been asking these questions, this e-book is just for you! Download our Marketing Boot Camp for ECPs e-book. It will help form a battle strategy on topics like:

  • Basic Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing to Today's Internet-Savvy Consumer
  • Utilizing Social Media
  • Basic Website Design Considerations
  • Much More!

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